Yo! sup, I'm Dayvster

I'm a software developer, tech enthusiast, and a coffee lover. Currently, I work as a lead frontend developer at justwatch.com, where I guide a team of talented developers. I also occasionally write about tech and other topics on my blog.

Hopefully, you'll find something interesting here.

Last Posts

The Future of Frontend Development

June 29, 2024 10 Minutes

A Look at Emerging Trends and Technologies

Building Blocks Of Zig: Unions

June 29, 2024 5 Minutes

Zig unions are a powerful way to represent multiple possible types of a value in a single variable.

Jotai atomWithStorage

June 4, 2024 4 Minutes

How to persist data in your application with Jotai, atomWithStorage might just be the solution you are looking for.

Building Blocks Of Zig: slices

June 3, 2024 6 Minutes

Slices are a core building block of Zig and are used to represent a contiguous sequence of elements. Learn how to create, access and iterate over slices in Zig.

Building Blocks Of Zig: Understanding Structs

May 29, 2024 5 Minutes

Structs are a fundamental building block of Zig and are used to group related data together in a logical and structured way.

Zig is the Next Big Programming Language

May 11, 2024 7 Minutes

Zig is an amazing programming language that has the potential to become huge in the coming years. Learn more about Zig and why you should consider using it.

Zig Allocators Explained

May 8, 2024 7 Minutes

A dive into how Zig handles memory allocation and how you can use Allocators to control it. Learn more about Zig's unique approach to memory management.

React Query Retry explained

May 7, 2024 6 Minutes

This simple option will make your app more resilient to network failures and give you more control over your fetching logic.

Astro is Amazing

May 6, 2024 8 Minutes

What can this static site generation framework do for you?

Three different states - Remote, App, and Local

April 23, 2024 10 Minutes

How to structure your state in a way that makes your codebase more maintainable, scalable, and performant.

Common React Hook Questions

Mar 2, 2024 6 Minutes

Answering common questions about React hooks and providing some tips for working with them, hope you find this helpful!

react useDebounce

Feb 24, 2024 4 Minutes

A simple debounce hook for React applications. Useful for when you want to limit the number of times a function is called to improve performance