Yo! sup, I'm Dayvster

I'm a software developer, tech enthusiast, and a coffee lover. Currently, I work as a lead frontend developer at justwatch.com, where I guide a team of talented developers. I also occasionally write about tech and other topics on my blog.

Hopefully, you'll find something interesting here.

Last Posts

Common React Hook Questions

Mar 2, 2024 6 Minutes

Answering common questions about React hooks and providing some tips for working with them, hope you find this helpful!

react useDebounce

Feb 24, 2024 4 Minutes

A simple debounce hook for React applications. Useful for when you want to limit the number of times a function is called to improve performance

Why I love Jotai

Feb 23, 2024 7 Minutes

A minimalistic and modern state management library designed for React applications, find out why I think this state management library is so darn great.

React goes fullstack

Feb 23, 2024 4 Minutes

React is a fullstack application now? Yes, no, maybe? Let's find out and let's see how React Server Components play a role in this.

Writing Effective Unit Tests

May 11, 2023 6 Minutes

Make Your Code Robust, Reliable, and Bug-Free

The TypeScript Development Trap You Need to Avoid

April 28, 2023 10 Minutes

Unlocking and Understanding TypeScript Enums: Navigating Pitfalls, Maximizing Their Effectiveness - Your Ultimate Guide to Mastery

Cool Usecases for GitHub

April 21, 2023 10 Minutes

Unlocking the Power of GitHub Discovering Unique and Creative Use Cases to Streamline Your Workflow and Boost Your Productivity.

When and how to useMemo

April 8, 2023 10 Minutes

Maximizing React Performance: Harnessing the Power of React.memo for Optimal Results - A Comprehensive Guide to Enhance Efficiency and Speed

Next.js Layouts Explained

April 4, 2023 10 Minutes

Streamlining Next.js Development with Layouts Achieving Consistency, Reusability, and Improved Performance

5 Lesser-Known React Principles That You Should Follow

April 3, 2023 10 Minutes

Supercharging Your React Development Skills: Revealing 5 Lesser-Known Principles for Enhanced Expertise and Efficiency in Building Remarkable Applications

Designing React Components that are Testable and Maintainable

April 3, 2023 8 Minutes

Make your React components testable and maintainable by following these best practices and design patterns.

React Query

Jan 6, 2023 7 Minutes

Streamline Your Data Management with React Query. A fantastic library for handling data fetching and caching in your React application.