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React Query Retry explained

May 7, 2024 6 Minutes

This simple option will make your app more resilient to network failures and give you more control over your fetching logic.

Astro is Amazing

May 6, 2024 8 Minutes

What can this static site generation framework do for you?

React goes fullstack

Feb 23, 2024 4 Minutes

React is a fullstack application now? Yes, no, maybe? Let's find out and let's see how React Server Components play a role in this.

Next.js Layouts Explained

April 4, 2023 10 Minutes

Streamlining Next.js Development with Layouts Achieving Consistency, Reusability, and Improved Performance

5 Lesser-Known React Principles That You Should Follow

April 3, 2023 10 Minutes

Supercharging Your React Development Skills: Revealing 5 Lesser-Known Principles for Enhanced Expertise and Efficiency in Building Remarkable Applications

Designing React Components that are Testable and Maintainable

April 3, 2023 8 Minutes

Make your React components testable and maintainable by following these best practices and design patterns.

React Query / Tan Stack Query Explained

Jan 6, 2023 7 Minutes

Streamline Your Data Management with React Query. A fantastic library for handling data fetching and caching in your React application.

NEXT.JS is evolving

Oct 27, 2022 7 Minutes

Next13 is here and in this blog post here we'll explore my favorite new features, I've left the best for last.

React Just Got Even More Awesome

Oct 15, 2022 5 Minutes

Introducing the use Hook: A Native Way to Handle Async in React Applications, Making Data Fetching Easier and More Declarative

5 Essential Tips for Custom React Hooks

Sept 28, 2022 6 Minutes

Up your custom hooks game with these 5 tips to help you write better custom hooks and make your codebase more maintainable and scalable.

How granular should components be?

Sept 27, 2022 5 Minutes

Avoiding the Two Extremes of Component Design: Finding the Right Balance for Your Application's Codebase

How and when to use React Context

Sept 26, 2022 6 Minutes

React context can be a very powerful tool, but when and why should you use it? Let's find out in this article.

7 Steps to become a better react developer

Sept 22, 2022 8 Minutes

These are just some of the things I've learned over the years that have helped me become a better react developer. Maybe they can help you too.